S4S 2024
Video: About Shepherds for Sheepdogs - Anytime Fitness Games
About Shepherds for Sheepdogs - Anytime Fitness Games

S4S 2024 - Saturday April 20th, 2024

Hart's Farm - (Next to Hart's General Store and Creamery)

1651 Taylorsville Rd SE, Lenoir, NC 28645

Teams of 3 or 4 people - Ages 12+

"Big Dawg" Obstacle Course Race - approx. 3.5 miles

"Pup Run" Obstacle Course Race - approx. 1.5 miles

"The Pack Relay" RUN - approx. 3.5 miles split up

Cost: $40 Donation - Rain or Shine!

What is this crazy thing!?!

Starting in 2018, the staff of Anytime Fitness, Lenoir wanted to be a more involved part of the Caldwell County community. Plus they all like physically demanding challenges, competition, and team-work.

So they built an entire obstacle course race from scratch and created an event that is more than only "regular" obstacles. Puzzle solving, dexterity challenges, and other games are combined with the average speed and strength tasks found in other OC races. For competition or just for fun, it is totally FUN!

Each year, a new charity or program which benefits the community was carefully chosen to donate all proceeds too. The staff then work with members and businesses within the community to get sponsors and volunteers and begin the annual process of building the obstacles, planning the course, and getting the word out!

After the 2022 event, the AF staff chose the Shepherds for Sheepdog charity to be the only cause. Shepherds for Sheepdogs INC. was created and is officially a 501(c)3! ALL proceeds are used in purchasing and pairing professionally trained service dogs with veterans/ first responders who live with 50% or higher PTSD or TBI. We are SO excited for you to share in the special event with us. The course is fun, the day is fun, but the purpose is life-changing!

2 Race Options Available for 2024

People's Pup Award

Vote for your favorite Pup & Make A Donation To Shepherds for Sheepdogs


Rain or Shine Charity Event!

Cost: Race tickets are $40-50 per. person based on the race.

Tickets include:

  • Race day t-shirt and Customized "Finisher" Dog Tag.
  • Competitive races include 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for teams of 3 and teams of 4.
  • *Get signed up prior to April 1 to guarantee a t-shirt in your size! 

3 Charity Runs Available This Year!! 

ALL 3 runs require a team. Teams can be 3 or 4 people, ages 12+.

If you only have a partial team or no team at all, let us know, we'll get you hooked up!

  • "Big Dawg" Obstacle course race - approx. 3.5 miles
    • Max 18 Team entries
    • First team begins at 9:30am, next teams leave every 10 mins, last team starts at 12:30pm.
    • Wave time will be assigned prior to event and you will be notified
    • Awards ceremony will begin at 1:45pm
  • "Pup Run" Obstacle Course Run - approx. 1.5 miles (View Race Details)
    • Unlimited Team entries
    • All teams will start at 12:45 pm
    • No awards Ceremony
  • “Pack Relay Run” - approx. 3.5 miles (View Race Details)
    • Unlimited Team entries
    • First teammate of all teams starts at 9:00am.
    • Remaining teammates go as soon as previous teammate gets back (relay-style)
    • Awards ceremony will begin at 11:00am


The course features many obstacles, some familiar and some brand new, to test strength, stamina, dexterity, and mental toughness... and let's not forget, TEAMWORK! The venue is doggo friendly! Leashes under owners discretion. Well-behaved dogs are encouraged to run the course with their human!

The Big Dawg Course includes the entire track and all obstacles (20 -23 obs). 

  • Terrain will be challenging. 
  • Approximately 3.5 miles. 
  • Difficulty level approx. 4/5. 
  • Prior conditioning is encouraged, appropriate for 16+ unless VERY athletic. 
  • Can be competitive or just for fun!

Big Dawg Ticket Includes:

  • Event T-shirt
  • Finisher Dog Tag
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner dog tags for each category, team of 3 and team of 4

The Pup Run is a portion of the track and obstacles of the Big Dawg (8 - 10 obs). 

  • Terrain is mostly flat
  • Approximately 1 mile
  • Difficulty approx. 2/5. 
  • Any fitness level and kids 12+ welcome. 
  • Non-competitive, only FUN!

Pup Run Ticket Includes:

  • Event T-shirt
  • Finisher Dog tag

The Pack Relay RUN **New This Year** is exactly how it sounds!

  • No Obstacles, one team challenge before finishing
  • Teams of 3 or 4 will run a total of 3.5ish miles split into individual legs
  • Pass the (dog-bone-a-ton) to your teammate for them to run their leg
  • All teammates will meet at designated location for a non-physical team challenge before the entire team crosses the finish line. (The whole team's time is all that matters. If you'd like individual times, wear a watch!)
  • There is challenging terrain but again, no obstacles
  • Awards for fastest team of three and team of four! (*Note* teams are only categorized by 3 or 4 people, not gender or age)
  • Bring your dog if you want to!

Team Relay RUN Ticket includes:

  • Event T-shirt
  • Finisher Dog Tag
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner dog tags for each category, team of 3 and team of 4

For competition only:

  • Winning requires 100% completion of full course and all obstacles by all teammates (but they can help each other). 
  • All obstacles have unlimited attempts available. 
  • Complete and top 3 fastest are eligible for prizes.
  • Teams of 3 compete against other teams of 3 & teams of 4 compete against teams of 4.
  • Pack Relay Run is only based on team's total time

For FUN for either race:

  • Any obstacles can be skipped, no penalty. 
  • Go as fast or as slow as you like!

Terrain Disclaimer:

  • Hart's Farm is an active farm. Expect tall grass, hay, holes, creeks, woods, dirt, possible critters, and... cow poop!
  • Dress Appropriately

Participant Requirements:

  • 18+ need waiver and valid ID
  • 16+ need parental consent
  • 12+ need parent/ guardian present (but parent DOES NOT have to participate on the team)

If you only have a partial team or no team at all, let us know, we'll get you hooked up!



Click Here to be taken to the volunteer form

It is an all day event, but volunteers have a great time. And your job is mostly sitting and watching other people do stuff :D 

Community Service Hours Available

Bring a tent, some chairs, and your dog (if you want to!)

Please share the GoFundMe link with your friends, family, and on your social media accounts!